Hands Free Key Chain Bangles

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Incredibly handy for a mom of two or more small people, or any lady who hates to carry a bag (or doesn't want to dig through the endless mess inside of it) and lives in yoga pants with no pockets.

This key chain bangle is the perfect trendy accessory when you need to hold two hands in parking lots or when you're running late and can't waste time searching in your bag. And, the best part is that it can easily be removed from the main key chain so that when you don't want something so big you're not messing up your manicure every time to take it off. 

Amazing functionality, wrapped in Faux leather feeling smooth and a bit squishy not hard and uncomfortable like plastic bangles. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn't want to carry or dig in their bag, often wears clothes without pockets and constantly has their hands full with kids, cookies, books, or dogs.

You didn't know what you were missing out on, now you don't have to....grab yours now! Keep your keys close and your hands free! For on-the-go women everywhere. Don't waste another minute, grab one for you and your best friend (she'll love you for it!)


Sz- 4in Diameter

Material: Faux Leather